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Native App Design

We specialize in native app development and design for all devices, all platforms and all ecosystems - Android or iOS. Depending upon what serves you business needs best, we use the most suitable native app design language to customize a solution that best answers your business needs.

Before going ahead with your native app development work, we try and understand - who is your app user; what value does your app offer; where is your target (In malls, at home, on the road...etc.) and how can you strike a fine balance between your native app design requirements and the need to gain new users, and make more revenue.

Eventually, our work won't end with your mobile app development. We'll also fix bugs during beta testing and after a successful launch help you measure and track your app ROI with concrete analytics.



User Interface Design

User interface design is about the nuts and bolts of a mobile app. User interface design is as much about functionality, as about aesthetics - the look and feel of a mobile app. Both functionality and aesthetics are core attributes of a mobile app development process.

For instance, at Multicréations, we understand that if you are a news app, you have to constantly churn out engaging, dated content. That's the functionality part of it. But, along with it you must also look newsy and buzzing with real time content updates.

Likewise, if you’re a reservation app, you have to be sharp at offering hot local restaurants deals, ahead of competition; and the display of the options must be appetizing too, otherwise why would a customer hit the 'buy' button?

Understanding user preferences and improving user interface of your native app is thus critical to the success of all app branding/marketing/monetization efforts.



User Experience Design

If UI is the body, user experience design (UX) is the soul within. Obviously one can't exist without the other. If UI is about digital architecture, UX is the edifice that's build on that architecture. As such, the edifice has to be such that the moment a visitor sees it, the sound that escapes from her lips is - "wow." At Multicréations, we believe that all great user experiences of an app exist to serve just one key purpose - make a user's life easier.  

Now the big question is how do we do it? We do that through user experience improvement that self informs; rich media, engaging content; accurate targeting and in-app profiling that houses all user data and closely tracks their media consumption behavior, so the user experience (UX) can be customized to your user's exact needs from your mobile app.


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