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Website Design & Development

The surest way to turn away prospects is to build a sad-looking html website filled with poorly-written text that neither moves, nor shakes. It can turn away your flirtatious customer to the next site that holds his full attention, and cannot convert visitors into buyers.

As a professional web design agency, we understand that a web property that is attractive and compelling and avoids the design mistakes that website design agencies often make, can work wonders for your brand. As a website design service, we know that well-designed websites are an excellent tool not just for lead generation but also for brand building.

In effect, your website is like a digital business card. The very first look at your online store will decide whether a customer would want to get in, and with any luck, stay on and shop. With the new SEO guidelines in place, you cannot do without original, addictive, sticky content. Your customers must be willing to crawl through a server for something unique to experience in your store, and this includes navigation and other ergonomics of your web property, that Litmus as a website design service provides in the fullest measure.


Dollar Rows Website Design

Responsive Mobile Solutions

The key challenge before digital marketers is - how to grab the attention of a multi-tasking, multi-device using audience in a multi-screen world? Attention-deficient in a deeply-fragmented, highly-competitive marketplace, how do you draw them to your web store? The simple and straight answer is - Responsive Website Design.

Regardless of the device from which a user is accessing your web property, Responsive Website Design makes sure that their user experience remains uncompromised. The images, the navigation, the text, all automatically fit the device screen - big or small. As a responsive website designing service, Litmus understand these fundamental rules of the game.

The rapid adoption of smart phones and tablets, the growing popularity of Internet-connected TVs makes it imperative that digital content be delivered to a number of screens. Responsive Website Design-or a single-URL site configuration enables content providers to dynamically adjust their website to fit any screen size of any internet-enabled device.


IIMU Responsive Website Design

eCommerce Web Solutions

The biggest challenge with e-Commerce Web Development is to provide secure encryption.

Since Indian shoppers are still wary of using credit cards on websites, they have to be assured that your website is 100% secure and data breaches of any kind are highly unlikely.

As a specialized agency in e-commerce web development, we understand that product display, use of advance virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI) tools, especially on a retail site are some of the key challenges that must be managed to make virtual shopping as real as the real thing. And also more convenient than the real thing.    

Armed with several years of experience as an e-commerce web development company, we understand that there are several other factors also that contribute to the success of a consumer-friendly, e-commerce website – it should be easily navigable, it must display all products and features in a manner that the need for ‘touch and feel’ is rendered completely redundant.


Companio Ecommerce Website Design

Native App Design

We specialize in native app development and design for all devices, all platforms and all ecosystems - Android or iOS. Depending upon what serves you business needs best, we use the most suitable native app design language to customize a solution that best answers your business needs.

Before going ahead with your native app development work, we try and understand - who is your app user; what value does your app offer; where is your target (In malls, at home, on the road...etc.) and how can you strike a fine balance between your native app design requirements and the need to gain new users, and make more revenue.

Eventually, our work won't end with your mobile app development. We'll also fix bugs during beta testing and after a successful launch help you measure and track your app ROI with concrete analytics.


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